Case Studies

Partners who trust the Cooperatize platform

"We are thrilled with our Cooperatize results! We were able to connect with bloggers that fit our message, and each writer produced engaging, authentic content that really captured what we were looking for as a DMO organization. Working with Cooperatize was simple, streamlined, and actually a lot of fun. Their team was very responsive through the entire process, and it is obvious that Cooperatize truly values client satisfaction."

- Janette Maack, Digital Marketing Manager, Visit Vacaville


A small drive-by city between San Francisco and Sacramento utilized micro-influencers and bloggers to change perceptions.

103K Social Reach     2.5X Media Value     2.1min Engagement
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"I had great experience working with the team at Cooperatize! Our campaign was very successful at getting stories published about our cuisines and food festival. It is the best way to connect your brand with writers and bloggers. It is affordable and effective. Highly recommended."

- Sasha Chou, Former Marketing Manager, Taiwan Tourism Bureau


From cuisine to cycling, the country of Taiwan works with micro-influencers to attract niche travelers to the "Beautiful Island."

385K Social Reach     7X Media Value     8.2min Engagement
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"Cooperatize not only helped us to increase the traffic to our website, we also gained social media exposure and content we could use on all of our platforms. It was a win-win situation."

- Zarqa Ali, Inbound Marketing Manager, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific


Timeshares are not synonmous with the Wyndham brand, so the team recruited Australian micro-influencers to tell their story.

45K Social Reach     6X Media Value     2.6min Engagement
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"The feedback that we received from these bloggers is more than what we could ask for. This is a very cost-efficient way of marketing our new product. I would like to try this again and invite bloggers from wider variety of topics (i.e. sports bloggers) when we launch our new OLED model."

- David Vanderwaal, VP & Head of Marketing, LG Electronics


LG invited micro-influencers to VIP events around the United States to experience firsthand a new wave of TVs.

478K Social Reach     2.5X Media Value     3.2min Engagement
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"About 40% of all US travelers who took a foreign trip in the last 3 years were of African-American, Asian-American and Latino heritage. Cooperatize helped us to identify travel bloggers with a big following from these communities and engage them for the events of Caribbean Week in New York and the many reasons why they should consider booking a vacation to the Caribbean."

- Fernando Abreu, Director of Marketing, Caribbean Tourism Organization


The Caribbean generates interest in Caribbean Week through micro-influencers, an annual week of events to increase tourism to the region.

109K Social Reach     2X Media Value     1.3min Engagement
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Reaching high net worth individuals is a difficult task for a luxury resort or hotel. The Ranch at Rock Creek utilized luxury travel and lifestyle bloggers through Cooperatize to write about the once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Ranch while ensuring their story would get read by the right audience.


A luxury "glamping" resort collaborates with micro-influencers to complement their PR strategy through online social engagement.

4.9M Social Reach     13X Media Value     2.2.5min Engagement
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"The stories were great overall; there was a nice mix of story types and the publishers did their due diligence in comparing Hotel Tonight with other OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). We saw over 50 promo redemptions from our first Cooperatize campaign on a modest budget."

- Sam Selby, General Manager - NYC, Hotel Tonight


Hotel Tonight, the leading app to book last-minute hotels, increased downloads to its new app through social micro-influencers.

155K Social Reach     2.8X Media Value     8.8min Engagement
Sample content     Download PDF was looking to reach fashionistas, millennials, and travel “hackers.” The travel website successfully engaged with their target audience. Readers spent on average 5.4 minutes reading the brand’s sponsored stories and left 8 comments per story.


The leading search engine for flights, hotels, and car rentals tapped micro-influencers to build engagement around a special sweepstakes.

967K Social Reach     8.5X Media Value     2.6.5min Engagement
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