Visit Vacaville


  • Visit Vacaville
  • Visit Vacaville is charged with the promotion and marketing of the City of Vacaville as a tourist destination.
  • 103,000 social media reach
  • 2.5X total media value

What they needed

  • Elevate the visibility of Vacaville as a destination and not just a road trip stopover
  • Make Vacaville more exciting and appealing to visitors who enjoy outdoor activities
  • Highlight family-friendly and pet-friendly activities for travelers

What they did

  • Collaborated with niche travel bloggers in the adventure, culinary, and family verticals
  • Provided unique aspects about their destination to inspire bloggers
  • Selected bloggers based on audience, traffic, and social media presence

What they accomplished

  • Achieved 168% earned media off of our readership guarantee
  • Worked with a blogger who was born in Vacaville which resulted in a personal story about the destination

About Cooperatize

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Stopover City Becomes New Destination For Families and Outdoor Travelers

Visit Vacaville highlights hidden gems about their destination to change perceptions

If you are a destination marketer, how do you attract more visitors when you are known as a “drive-by” city? Vacaville, a small city in between Sacramento and San Francisco, utilized stories to tell their audience they are more than a stopover.

Janette Maack

"We are thrilled with our Cooperatize results! We were able to connect with bloggers that fit our message, and each writer produced engaging, authentic content that really captured what we were looking for as a DMO organization. Working with Cooperatize was simple, streamlined, and actually a lot of fun. Their team was very responsive through the entire process, and it is obvious that Cooperatize truly values client satisfaction.” – Janette Maack, Digital Marketing Manager, Visit Vacaville

Earning An Engaged Audience Through Stories

Through Cooperatize’s audience guarantee, Visit Vacaville knew their stories would get read by a certain number of readers. Since this case study has been published, Visit Vacaville’s stories have received a 168% uplift from earned media, meaning the stories are reaching new audiences every day beyond our initial predictions.

Sponsored content can receive earned media (additional readers) beyond Cooperatize’s audience guarantee

Working With Targeted Bloggers to Tell the Vacaville Story

By collaborating with bloggers who are based in California and other parts of the west coast, Visit Vacaville received stories that were written by people who understood the region and could provide a unique perspective. Cooperatize’s proprietary algorithm presented Visit Vacaville with a roster of bloggers that made sense for their campaign. The targeting was so good that the brand worked with a blogger that was actually born in Vacaville! This blogger wrote a story that resulted in more than 10 comments from the blogger’s community.

A blogger born in Vacaville shares her experience

Re-purposing Stories Through Social Media

Once the stories were published, Visit Vacaville encouraged their audience to read these stories by re-sharing the stories on social media. Visit Vacaville was able to re-purpose their stories by sharing snippets of the stories, linking to the stories from their own homepage, and engaging with the bloggers over social media to reach the bloggers’ audience effectively.