Caribbean Tourism Organization


  • Caribbean Tourism Organization
  • Provides services and information needed for the development of sustainable tourism for the economic and social benefit of the Caribbean people.
  • 109,000 social media reach
  • 2X total media value

What they needed

  • Native advertising solution to supplement PR strategy
  • Generate interest for Caribbean Week and the Rum & Rhythm Benefit & Auction
  • Target Latino and Asian-American audience in NYC

What they did

  • Worked with travel and lifestyle publishers to create custom content on Caribbean Week
  • Gave creative control to publishers to make story “native” to the publishers’ sites
  • Discovered publishers who have traveled to or plan on traveling to the Caribbean

What they accomplished

  • Created interest in the NYC area about Caribbean Week events
  • Achieved 194% of guaranteed page view target
  • Reached target audience with emotional and personalized stories
  • Received additional earned exposure via a Buzzfeed "listicle"

About Cooperatize

Cooperatize is a native advertising platform for sponsored content on thousands of publishers. Using the Cooperatize platform, brand managers can reach their target audience by finding relevant publishers, get sponsored posts written, and track the performance of their stories. All sponsored posts integrate the brands seamlessly and abide by all FTC guidelines.

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Travel Stories For Caribbean Week NYC

The Caribbean Tourism Organization generates interest in Caribbean Week NYC and tourism opportunities through travel bloggers

Caribbean Week NYC typically draws the attention of those already familiar with the Caribbean. In order to reach families and individuals whom, on average, take one vacation a year, the CTO used Cooperatize to reach food, travel, and lifestyle bloggers to engage these niche audiences.

Fernando Abreu

"About 40% of all US travelers who took a foreign trip in the last 3 years were of African-American, Asian-American and Latino heritage. Cooperatize helped us to identify travel bloggers with a big following from these communities and engage them for the events of Caribbean Week in New York and the many reasons why they should consider booking a vacation to the Caribbean.” – Fernando Abreu, Director of Marketing, Caribbean Tourism Organization

Personal and Emotional Stories About the Caribbean

The CTO gave creative control to the publishers to craft stories that were personal to the publishers’ audiences. As a result, unique stories about the Caribbean were shared via the publishers’ sites and social media:

“If you have been following my blog, you know I LOVE my Caribbean heritage.” – Joanna

“Gabby and I are going to the Caribbean in a few months. We’ve been to a few different states, but I have yet to take her to a different country.” – Mom In Love Forever

“Last month, James and I spent two lovely weeks in the Caribbean where there was never a dull moment!” – The Tasty Bite

Extra “Lift” and Story Reads Achieved Through Social Media

After the stories were published, the story promotion didn’t stop there. Publishers continued to promote their stories to their existing audience to generate engagement on their stories. At the current publish date of this case study, the stories have achieved 194% of the guaranteed unique page view target resulting in less than $0.60 per unique page view. One story also was picked up by Buzzfeed adding an additional earned media bump.

Extra story reads generated through social sharing

Stories Inspire Traveler’s Imagination

Stories are the most effective way to communicate the culture, wonder, and benefits for a destination or tourist location. Through stories about culinary, cultural, and sustainable tourism, the Caribbean continues to reap the benefits of stories published about their member countries. The CTO was reaches new audiences with stories tailored to their needs.

NYC Latin-American audience reached through stories written in Spanish