• CheapOair
  • Low-cost flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals
  • 967,000 social media reach
  • 8.5X total media value

What they needed

  • Increase downloads of CheapOair mobile app
  • Raise awareness for travel sweepstake contest
  • Improve engagement on site

What they did

  • Utilized Cooperatize to find travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogs
  • Published stories around traveling and packing
  • Encouraged bloggers to organically write about contest

What they accomplished

  • Readers spent more than 5 minutes reading stories with an 8% click-through-rate
  • Connected with each blogger’s community with 8 comments per story
  • Stories re-Tweeted and re-shared on bloggers’ social media channels

About Cooperatize

Cooperatize is a native advertising platform for sponsored content on thousands of publishers. Using the Cooperatize platform, brand managers can reach their target audience by finding relevant publishers, get sponsored posts written, and track the performance of their stories. All sponsored posts integrate the brands seamlessly and abide by all FTC guidelines.

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Low-Cost Travel for the Masses - CheapOair

CheapOair tells its story through fashion, lifestyle, and travel bloggers.

What would you do with 50 free plane tickets to anywhere in the U.S.? CheapOair wanted to do something special to get people to think about their brand for booking a flight, hotel, or car rental. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a cube-dweller, CheapOair created a contest to get new travelers to download their app and win free plane tickets. With so many travel “search engines” out there, CheapOair utilized bloggers to tell unique stories about their brand and contest.

CheapOair’s target audience goes beyond travelers. The travel website wanted to reach fashionistas, millennials, and travel “hackers.” The results show CheapOair successfully engaged with their target audience. Readers spent on average 5.4 minutes reading the brand’s sponsored stories and left 8 comments per story.

Engaging Stories Leads to Engaged Readers

Sponsored stories have the ability to elicit emotion and reactions from the reader more than a banner or text ad can do. CheapOair saw an 8% click-through-rate on their sponsored stories that is unheard of from other forms of paid media. The brand also utilized a cutting-edge Immersion™ metric from Cooperatize showing that 77% of readers actually scrolled through the stories. By analyzing the engagement metrics on a per blog basis, CheapOair is able to optimize the verticals that engage their audiences the most.

Diversifying Beyond Travelers

By working with bloggers who write about different topics, CheapOair is able to tell their brand’s story as well as promote their special sweepstakes from a variety of perspectives. A fashion blogger can talk about the items she packs in her suitcase before a trip. A parenting blogger writes about the next big trip her family will take together. And of course, a travel blogger writes about her next big adventure in some exotic location. All these bloggers incorporate the CheapOair brand seamlessly into their content that is unobtrusive to their readers.

CheapOair featured on a variety of travel, fashion, and lifestyle blogs

Real-Time Reading and Engagement Metrics

In order to quantify the success of their sponsored stories, CheapOair visualizes all their metrics through one centralized dashboard. In addition to monitoring page views, clicks, and engagement time, CheapOair can analyze actual time it takes for readers to scroll through an entire story on a per-story basis. These metrics help the brand strategize which bloggers to work with for future campaigns.