• Hotel Tonight
  • Last-minute hotel deal apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad.
  • 156,000 social media reach
  • 2.8X total media value

What they needed

  • New users (app downloads)
  • Hotel bookings on the app

What they did

  • Partnered with NYC-based bloggers to promote the app
  • Bloggers focused on the “staycation” story to drive bookings in the Tri-State area
  • Created special promo codes for each blogger to track bookings

What they accomplished

  • Stories published across lifestyle, culture, and wedding sites
  • 50+ redemptions of promo code on hotel bookings
  • Cost-per-acquisition costs decrease over time as stories get discovered

About Cooperatize

Cooperatize is a native advertising platform for sponsored content on thousands of publishers. Using the Cooperatize platform, brand managers can reach their target audience by finding relevant publishers, get sponsored posts written, and track the performance of their stories. All sponsored posts integrate the brands seamlessly and abide by all FTC guidelines.

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Hotel Bookings From Sponsored Content - Hotel Tonight

“Staycation” sponsored stories encourage readers to book last-minute hotel deals with Hotel Tonight.

Booking an inexpensive hotel room in NYC is a difficult task. Hotel Tonight has tons of discounted hotel rooms for potential guests to book last minute, but was looking for an innovative way to get new downloads of their app as well as hotel bookings in NYC. Hotel Tonight decided to experiment with native advertising on Cooperatize to see what type of creative stories bloggers could tell to their audience.

Sam Selby

The stories were great overall; there was a nice mix of story types and the publishers did their due diligence in comparing Hotel Tonight with other OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). We saw over 50 promo redemptions from our first Cooperatize campaign on a modest budget.” – Sam Selby, General Manager - NYC, Hotel Tonight

Performance-Based Advertising Though Stories

Most of Hotel Tonight’s marketing and advertising programs have specific performance goals in mind. The brand is looking for app downloads and bookings, period. Unlike other digital advertising platforms, Cooperatize is not a pay-per-action focused. The Hotel Tonight team relied on the experience and expertise of the publishers to write stories that would compel readers to redeem the promotion via the Hotel Tonight app. For a fixed budget of less than $3,000, Hotel Tonight has seen 50+ redemptions and continues to see redemptions from their stories.

Testing Native Ads Across Verticals And Size

Hotel Tonight wanted to reach a specific audience through Cooperatize: readers living in the Tri-State area. The brand collaborated with bloggers big and small as well as different content types. The published stories ranged from bachelorette party planning ideas to “green” travel tips when visiting NYC to highlights of an 8-year-old’s birthday party. The result? Different perspectives of the Hotel Tonight value proposition to excite and entice readers to download the Hotel Tonight app.

Publishers write different stories about the Hotel Tonight brand that resonates with their audience

By experimenting with different types of publishers, Hotel Tonight discovered which type of content drove the most traffic, clicks, and time spent reading the story. Some stories were informational and “how-to” while others highlighted personal experiences. Some stories received less traffic than others but generated an extremely high click-through rate (one story had a 87% CTR!). On average, readers spent 7.4 minutes scrolling through the stories indicating that the stories are interesting and useful for the publishers’ audience.

Readers spent 7.4 minutes reading through stories