Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsored Content is like content marketing on steroids. Not only is content about the company being indexed, socialized and subscribed to, but influencers are actively distributing the content to reach the given success metric. With today’s dearth of content, guaranteed distribution is essential to make sure that your story is read.
Sponsored Content is content that is written by the influencer that is paid for by the brand. Typically, the publisher integrates the brand into their story’s narrative and crafts a story that would be interesting to their audience. Since sponsored content falls into the advertising bucket, a success metric like impressions is used to measure the efficacy of the advertisement.
Sponsored Content is used by all companies of all sizes. Sponsored content, like content marketing, appears at the top of the sales funnel. Unlike pay per click search engine marketing, sponsored content is an awareness and recall tool that will drive users toward word of mouth marketing, sociability, and eventually adding the right terms into search engines or other curation tools to find the given product when the time is right.
Digital influencers include people like Kim Kardashian who have millions of followers, but low engagement. The number of followers and likes doesn't tell the whole story, so many brands are turning to micro-influencers who have smaller numbers but higher engagement. Micro-influencers tend to create more niche content that can be more targeted for your brand.
Sponsored Content is advertising as compared against your current media efforts. Sponsored content will always be clearly labelled as sponsored as opposed to Editorial content, per FTC guidelines. Furthermore, any links inside Sponsored content that link back to the sponsor will be marked as no Follow per Google Webmaster guidelines.
Cooperatize is a micro-influencer platform that lets you manage and work with influencers through sponsored and non-sponsored campaigns.
Cooperatize gives brands the ability to:
  • Purchase sponsored content with no minimums; buy one story or buy 1,000 all through the same dashboard and process.
  • Receive guaranteed impressions. Any impressions above the minimum are considered “earned” media while any shortfall will be made up through paid channels.
  • Track and analyze story effectiveness. Use our dashboard to understand what stories resonate with your audience, what language is more effective, and how your marketing message is received.
Once your campaign is excecuted, Cooperatize will provide real-time data and analytics to measure the success of your stories. You will see advanced analytics around views, clicks, engagement, impressions, conversions and more.

  • Earn more for writing and promoting sponsored content than any other advertising unit available!
  • Receive additional traffic from brands amplifying your content through their channels or third parties like Facebook, Twitter, or Outbrain.
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