• The Ranch at Rock Creek
  • All-inclusive luxury ranch resort
  • 4,900,000 social media reach
  • 13X total media value

What they needed

  • Supplement their current PR and marketing strategies
  • To increase SEO visibility
  • To build brand awareness
  • Reach a high net worth audience

What they did

  • Placed over 20 unique stories/month on various blogs
  • Used Cooperatize to find niche luxury bloggers
  • Engaged travel bloggers as a secondary audience
  • Utilized custom dashboard to track metrics for all posts

What they accomplished

  • Increased visibility in SEO search results around “glamping”
  • Other media outlets picked up stories resulting in earned media
  • Sponsored posts shared to over 500K people through social media channels from bloggers

About Cooperatize

Cooperatize is a native advertising platform for sponsored content on thousands of publishers. Using the Cooperatize platform, brand managers can reach their target audience by finding relevant publishers, get sponsored posts written, and track the performance of their stories. All sponsored posts integrate the brands seamlessly and abide by all FTC guidelines.

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Luxury Camping for Travelers - The Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek reaches luxury travelers at scale through consistent storytelling.

When one thinks of camping, 5-star dinners and deep-tissue massages are not generally associated with the experience. The Ranch at Rock Creek offers an unforgettable “glamping” experience in Montana offering a western adventure and relaxing amenities found in 5-star resorts. The Ranch is frequented by celebrities as well; Kate Bosworth had her dream wedding there filled with outdoor activities.

Reaching high net worth individuals is a difficult task through traditional marketing channels. The Ranch at Rock Creek utilized luxury travel and product bloggers to write about the once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Ranch while ensuring their story would get read by the luxury traveler audience.

Searching for Luxury Glamping Resorts on Google

The Ranch at Rock Creek has already been featured in various magazines and even The Travel Channel. However, 30% of their bookings occur when people search for luxury resorts on Google. To complement their PR and other earned media strategies, the Ranch has been featured on over 20 different luxury and travel stories per month that show up in Google search results when people enter “glamping Montana” or “luxury resorts Montana” search terms.

Cooperatize sponsored posts show up in Google search results for The Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek is not a typical resort with average rates starting at $5,000/night. To target wealthy families and individuals, The Ranch used Cooperatize to reach luxury travel blogs such as Luxuo and The Luxe List who engage a luxury travel audience. To ensure their brand would show up in search results around “glamping,” the Ranch also targeted general travel blogs such as OMOTG and Off To See The World.
The Ranch at Rock Creek showcased its luxury accommodations and amenities through high-resolution images on sponsored posts

Building Credibility to a Niche Audience at Scale

The Ranch was able to get 3rd party endorsers for its brand across various blogs at scale. Luxury travelers can learn about the Ranch from various sources and Cooperatize helps the Ranch accomplish this at scale.