Taiwan Tourism Bureau


  • Taiwan Tourism Bureau
  • eng.taiwan.net.tw
  • The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is responsible for the administration of domestic and international tourism policy making, execution and development.
  • 385,000 social media reach
  • 7X total media value

What they needed

  • Introduce Taiwanese cuisine to the North American audience
  • Food and Travel bloggers discuss stories published by news sites (e.g. CNN)
  • Highlight the Bureau’s annual “Savoring Taiwan’s Cuisine” event in NYC

What they did

  • Selected food bloggers to write about specific dishes and snacks
  • Bloggers in the Tri-State area promoted food festival and invited to private press events

What they accomplished

  • 6% click-through rate to the Bureau’s microsite on Taiwanese cuisine
  • Created buzz around the food festival and chefs flown in from Tainan, Taiwan
  • In addition to the food festival, bloggers wrote about tourism opportunities in Taiwan

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Sponsored Stories Show Tastes of Taiwan

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau showcases regional Taiwanese cuisine through stories and festival

In 1965, Chou’s Shrimp Rolls opened in Tainan, Taiwan. Since then, the restaurant has gained fame all around Taiwan and beyond. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited some of the restaurant’s current chefs to the United States to introduce Tainan cuisine to the North American audience. To build buzz around the chefs and cuisine, the Bureau promoted its annual food festival and Taiwan’s tourism opportunities through food and travel bloggers based in the Tri-State area.

"I had great experience working with the team at Cooperatize! Our campaign was very successful at getting stories published about our cuisines and food festival. It is the best way to connect your brand with writers and bloggers. It is affordable and effective. Highly recommended.” – Sasha Chou, Former Marketing Manager, Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Getting Up Close & Personal With Taiwanese Cuisine

A banner ad could never describe the uniqueness of Chou’s famous dishes from Tainan, Taiwan. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau decided to utilize food and travel bloggers to not only tell a story behind cuisine from Tainan, but also the tourism opportunities available in Taiwan. In order to ensure the gastronomy of Taiwan was accurately portrayed, the Bureau included high-res pictures in their campaign for the bloggers to use in their stories.

No Press or FAM Trip Required

The Bureau did not have the budget or resources to invite a large group of bloggers to a press trip or FAM trip in Taiwan, so they gave the bloggers detailed information about the food festival and Taiwanese cuisine. This was the most cost-effective way for the Bureau to reach thousands of people in their desired target market (United States). By utilizing the digital influence of the bloggers, the Bureau was able to get their message out to their audience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional trip.

Detailed story guidelines were provided to the bloggers in place of inviting bloggers and journalists to a press trip

Community Engagement Was #1 Goal, Not Click-Throughs

The campaign saw a 6% click-through rate to the Bureau’s microsite promoting Taiwanese cuisine. However, the Bureau focused on working with the most relevant bloggers who would write the most creative stories. Airline bookings to Taiwan were not the goal, but rather increased engagement from the Tri-State travel and food blogging community. The bloggers were also excited to write about a festival and destination that most traditional news outlets didn’t cover.

A goal of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s campaign was having bloggers attend local press events and a food festival